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Buildroot and QEMU – the quickest recipe for your own Linux

I will show the quickest way of running your own-built Linux system in QEMU emulator. Did I say quickest? Let’s start then: $ git clone git://git.buildroot.net/buildroot $ cd buildroot/ $ make qemu_arm_versatile_defconfig Where qemu_arm_versatile_defconfig is file & defconfig name from … Continue reading

13. September 2013 by resset
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VMware Workstation 8.0.2 on Linux 3.2.x

There is a great aricle (and blog) on solving problems with running VMware on Linux hosts: http://weltall.heliohost.org/wordpress/2012/01/26/vmware-workstation-8-0-2-player-4-0-2-fix-for-linux-kernel-3-2-and-3-3/. What is not said there is that sometimes you are unable even to install Workstation itself. The cause is that installer tries to … Continue reading

16. April 2012 by resset
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Setting up a locale in PostgreSQL on Linux

After installation of fresh copy of PostgreSQL database server it is often required to configure proper localization settings. This helps to avoid messages like this: ERROR: invalid locale name en_GB.utf8 where en_GB.utf8 is setting you want to have. In order … Continue reading

08. January 2012 by resset
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Preserving /home directory on LVM while switching distros

I have been using Slackware since I remember. Well, it wasn’t that long ago but  it was one of the first distros I tried to use. It works (like a charm, I can’t deny) on my laptop, PC, VMs and … Continue reading

21. October 2011 by resset
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