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Buildroot and QEMU – the quickest recipe for your own Linux

I will show the quickest way of running your own-built Linux system in QEMU emulator. Did I say quickest? Let’s start then: $ git clone git://git.buildroot.net/buildroot $ cd buildroot/ $ make qemu_arm_versatile_defconfig Where qemu_arm_versatile_defconfig is file & defconfig name from … Continue reading

13. September 2013 by resset
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Kate debugs in hardware

Or how to debug embedded devices with Kate editor, GCC toolchain, OpenOCD and JTAG. Or, how to replace Eclipse in embedded developer’s work. I do most of my work with open source software, including this running on PC desktop. Few … Continue reading

23. February 2013 by resset
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Benefit of Cortex-M4F

Embedded systems gurus always repeated: don’t use floating-point numbers in your firmware! But what if you have processor with a FPU? Well, then you simply can. Do not forget, however, to carefully look at your disassembly file, as always. So … Continue reading

08. July 2012 by resset
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OpenOCD + Actel (Microsemi) CoreMP7

In my engineer degree work I used CoreMP7-enabled ProASIC3 Development Kit (part number M7A3P-DEV-KIT-SCS). In a time it was launched by Actel (acquired by Microsemi) it was one of the first attempts of creating a SoPC with soft ARM core … Continue reading

13. December 2011 by resset
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