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Buildroot and QEMU – the quickest receipe for your own Linux

I will show the quickest way of running your own-built Linux system in QEMU emulator. Did I say quickest? Let’s start then:

Where qemu_arm_versatile_defconfig is file & defconfig name from buildroot/configs directory. Next:

And menu similar to Linux … Continue reading

13. September 2013 by resset
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Recently I made a small demo: This is application running in ChibiOS/RT RTOS with addition of µGFX framework. It mimics screen unlocker known from Andriod smartphones. It was tested on Embest DM-STF4BB board with DM-LCD35RT LCD display, but should run … Continue reading

13. July 2013 by resset
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Kate debugs in hardware

Or how to debug embedded devices with Kate editor, GCC toolchain, OpenOCD and JTAG. Or, how to replace Eclipse in embedded developer’s work. I do most of my work with open source software, including this running on PC desktop. Few … Continue reading

23. February 2013 by resset
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