VMware Workstation 8.0.2 on Linux 3.2.x

There is a great aricle (and blog) on solving problems with running VMware on Linux hosts: http://weltall.heliohost.org/wordpress/2012/01/26/vmware-workstation-8-0-2-player-4-0-2-fix-for-linux-kernel-3-2-and-3-3/. What is not said there is that sometimes you are unable even to install Workstation itself. The cause is that installer tries to build modules and it fails to do this, so the installation is reverted and you end up with nothing. The cure, which solved the case for me were following parameters:

Thanks to the –ignore-errors, after seeing few ugly Python tracebacks we finally get Installation was successful message. Now just run the patch:

…and VMware is all yours:)

16. April 2012 by resset
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